Three Sisters

Shot on Kodak Portra 400 with a Yashica-D TLR:

sisters-001 sisters-002 sisters-003It rained a little.


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Hunter’s 4th and Logan’s Half Birthday!

Evening sun warms glass still water.  Fish jump and frogs peep in the trees.  Photographers dream of summer days like this!  logan6small-001 logan6small-004 logan6small-005 logan6small-002 logan6small-007 logan6small-006 logan6small-003 logan6small-008

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On Creating Light

The role of the photographer, at its most essential, is to capture light.  Think about the roots of the word “photography.”  Photo- photon, photosynthesis.  Light.  -graph autograph, calligraphy.  To write.  When we make a photograph, whether with an iPhone, modern Nikon DSLR, or an antique twin lens reflex medium format film camera, we capture the light that’s reflected from a scene and store a record of that light in the form of a picture.


As you might expect, pretty light often makes for the best photographs.  The hours immediately after sunrise and before sunset add golden colors to the sun’s rays.  Cloudy days (and big windows, if you’re inside) make soft, even light that can be flattering for portraits.  On the flip side of the coin, fluorescent lights give off strange colors that make skin tones look sickly and can be hard to remove even with photo post processing software.  Direct sunlight on a sunny day can wash out colors with very pale light and can create harsh, muddy shadows.  A good photographer knows how to look for good light and can often make the best out of a situation with bad light.



What happens, though, when the light in a scene is so crummy that it can’t be rescued?  What if the photographer wants to make a picture in a place with practically no light (for example, a cavernous recital hall, or even an actual cave)?  In these situations, a photographer can either a. give up and go home or b.  learn to create light.

All of the photos in this set were shot in a recital hall with the house lights out and a few spots faded down to provide a little ambient fill in the shadow areas.  I used two Nikon SB-700s (picture the add-on flash that you sometimes see photographers use mounted to the top of a camera) on light stands set to go off remotely when I fired the shutter.  When you create your own light, you can modify it to give it whatever qualities you like (intensity, color, hardness/softness, direction, etc.).  I used bare flash for my key (think main light)  to make dramatic hard shadows and alternated between bare flash and shoot-through umbrella for my rim light (defines the borders of the subject and separates him from the background).

john-duq-web-002 john-duq-web-003 john-duq-web-005

Much thanks to John for being a subject and for providing our top secret unofficial location for the shoot.  Let there be light.





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Zaida is a ball of energy and may or may not have been bribed with gum to cooperate with the photographer.  She has a better sense of humor than plenty of adults that I know.

zaida-001 zaida-013 zaida-014 zaida-015 zaida-002 zaida-003 zaida-004 zaida-006 zaida-005 zaida-007 zaida-008 zaida-009 zaida-010 zaida-011 zaida-012

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Logan is Three Months Old!

Had a great time shooting this set for Logan and his big brother Hunter with some help from mom, grandma, and great-grandma!  It’s always so amazing to have four generations in the same room.

logan-hunter-001 logan-hunter-002 logan-hunter-003 logan-hunter-004 logan-hunter-005 logan-hunter-006 logan-hunter-007 logan-hunter-008 logan-hunter-009 logan-hunter-010 logan-hunter-011

Can’t wait to see them again for Logan’s half-birthday!

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Max is Nine (months)!

Have no fear, the winter madness has not taken us completely here at AMC Focus.  We have emerged from our icy winter cocoon to show off Max’s nine month birthday shoot!

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cooking light

SB-700 roughly 3 ft above and slightly offset to top of frame, shoot-through umbrella.  Standard 4:3 and 16:9.


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I finally got around to shooting and uploading a headshot for the site.  It’s a fantastic exercise in off-camera lighting and self-portraits are the hardest pictures to shoot*.


Do you need a headshot for a business card, resume, brochure, or your best friend’s computer desktop?  Shoot me an email and we’ll get it done!



*Source: Wikipedia.  Has to be true.

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street portrait #3

?, 3rd St., Greensburg

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Kayden, Gavin, Lily – Family Photography in Mt. Pleasant, PA

A great bunch of kids and a beautiful fall evening made this such a fun shoot!

Full gallery for family up here.

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